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Only Lost Limbs Not Lives - The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 - Strangers
I am still pinching myself that The Walking Dead is back! After last week's big premiere, we are all anxious to see what is going to happen next. There was a lot of "house keeping" and when that was out of the way, we moved right into a new character and all new threats. Thank [read more..]
Homeland Season 4 Episode 4
A Terrorist May Still be Alive! - Homeland – Season 4 Episode 4 – “Iron in the Fire”
Last week saw Carrie’s return to Pakistan as station chief in Islamabad. She has begun her own investigation into what Sandy was up to and how he was acquiring his intel and why was he murdered. She has a secret team of her own choosing in place with the newest addition being Q [read more..]
Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4
Margaret has a Secret - Resurrection – Season 2 Episode 4 – “Old Scars”
Last week we saw a gruesome discovery down by the river, human bones. After further research by Maggie, she discovered that these bones may be proof that there were others who returned long before Jacob. This could change everything, but thanks to a decision made by Bellamy, the [read more..]
The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 5
The Firm is Held Hostage - The Good Wife – Season 6 Episode 5 – “Shiny Objects”
Last week we saw Alicia getting a dose of shock and awe as her and Eli went over the negative issues that Castro could come after her with if she begins a campaign for State’s Attorney. Alicia discovered that her son and his girlfriend had an abortion, her mother and brother ca [read more..]
Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5
Can the Secretary Avoid War with Iran? - Madam Secretary – Season 1 Episode 5 – “Blame Canada”
Last week we saw the Secretary bring China and Japan together on a minerals treaty that almost went sideways when a Chinese girl made news after asking for asylum in the United States. The Secretary had to get creative on that one! It is now time to see what is in store for the S [read more..]
Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 5
What Happens In London, Stays In London - Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 5
We are inching our way towards everyone’s truths in this week’s episode. Things that were well under wraps have been slowly unraveling for weeks. It seems all but impossible to keep them hidden much longer. It may take one more week before things totally fall apart. At the [read more..]
scandal season 4 episode 5 the key S04E05
You Can't Handle The Truth! - Scandal- Season 4 Episode 5 - "The Key"
Last episode of Scandal, we see Jake has made it back into the grips of B6-13. Tom, the Secret Service agent who killed the presidents son put the blame on Jake and Rowan was right there t [read more..]
vampire diaries season 6 episode 3
Vampire Hunters Are Back - The Vampire Diaries - "Welcome to Paradise" - Season 6 Episode 3
Last week Elena had Alaric wipe her memories of ever being in love with Damon, effectively turning her emotions off.  Since then, Elena is not the same person.  She seems rather happy but something about her character is visibly off, and everyone feels weird around her as t [read more..]